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Featured Label: Warp Records

Warp Records has become a staple of good electronic, artistic, experimental, and new wave music since the early 90s. This is not Arista, or Def Jam with pop hit, one time wonders. While some of their artists have topped charts, most of their music remains known by DJs and music collectors. Like most hustlers in the music industry, the label's first two releases by LFO (not "Summertime Girls" LFO) and Nightmares on Wax were sold out of the back their cars. Miraculously, Nightmares on Wax sold 30,000 copies without major promotion. The two groups established a platform sound for the label, with driving levels of jazz, electronic, experimentation, and hip hop.

Some of my current favorite artists are on this label: Grizzly Bear, Prefuse 73, Bibio, Plaid and Flying Lotus. This is one of the few labels whose standards enable a critic like myself to say, "Pretty much every artist on the label is worth a listen." Take a look and enjoy:

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