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Looking Alike: Assumptions in Music and Fans

Drake: Best I Ever Had"

"You're Jewish, he's Jewish, you have to like him," said a friend of mine regarding rapper Drake. I laughed, said sure, and told him I'll like Drake when his music sounds less repetitive and generic. The whole comparison got me thinking, generalizing, "well if you are this, sound like that, than you must like this, than you must relate to that." So this is what I put together.

Lonely Island: "I'm On A Boat"

I might as well throw in Asher Roth "I Love College," into the white boy joke rappers. Lonely Island is Weird Al reincarnated ten years later thanks to SNL.

Weird Al Yankovic: "Amish Paradise"

Everlast: "What it's Like"
Everlast: What it's Like

Bubba Sparxxx : "Ms. New Booty"

Ugh! White boy southern style rap. We got some country grammar up in here, you know if you like Sparxxx you have to like Everlast.

Creed:"One Last Breath"

If you like Creed you'll probably love Teabaggers

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