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Listen to What You're Missin'

Rolling Stone released their "Hot List," but they need SFCritic to know what's REALLY hot. As summer approaches we scrape the grime off BBQ grills, dig through old swimsuits, start our New Year's resolution to exercise, and most importantly--create summer playlists. Here are some tracks to consider:

The UK electro rock band first got my attention a few years back with their disco-sounding track "If I Ever Feel Better." In Rolling Stone, just another fan promoting their new album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, the band was quoted as ready to take over in the US.

"If I Ever Feel Better" from the album United

PHOENIX/ If i ever feel better from A.C.E on Vimeo.

"Fences" from the album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Jay Z "Can't Cheat Death" Produced by DJ Premier

When you combine superstars what do you get: a super track! Damn, I'm cool. Supa Dupa!This single was released online, and features a gritty Premier beat, with Jay, focused and wicked as ever. The lyrics are originally from Jay's "Prayer" on American Gangster, but it's the Premier beat that brings this track life.

Camron: My Job"

With Billy Joel-esque piano trills, Camron raps about jobs, and life. This witty critique is no Marxist critique, but it sure as hell is refreshing with all this hip hop consumerism. Yo Camron, if I get some work, I'll holla at you! Back from a hiatus that included taking care of his sick mother, Diplo blowing up, and then dissipating, Camron is back--you hear that "CURRTIISSS."

"My Job"

Mickey Factz: "Automatic"

Get the Factz straight--he's automatic. The hardworking New York based rapper has been churning out mixtapes online in a prolific fashion. "Automatic," is a jazzy gem that's perfect summer listening. "I've got a feeling," this will be a joint you'll hear soon.

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