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Preview Starfucker in San Francisco

Starfucker, the Oregon based group, that's rising like bundt cake with their 80s indie-rock-punk with a playfully indescribable fuse of hip hop are coming to San Francisco tomorrow at the Bottom of The Hill. That was a mouthful, but it's nothing in comparison to the unintelligible bio description at the band's Badman Recording label's website:

"It's like playing an 8-bit video game where your primary objective is to overcome heartbreak and an obsession with death, your only weapon a love laser mounted on a space bike that zaps out bright red blips and neon bleeps."

Really, like WTF--"Neon bleeps?" The group has been a part of all the premier festivals from SXSW to Monolith, but haven't exploded fully partially because of their late self-titled debut release (May 2009). The band is noted for infectiously fun and animated live sets. I'll let you know. Meanwhile, enjoy these clips:

Ps- This is the urban dictionary's definition for a "Starfucker:"
A person who's obsessed with and seeks out personal interaction with celebrities. The desired interaction is often, but not necessarily, sexual in nature.

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  2. Damn, I wish I could go. Tell me how it is.


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