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Solo Dance Mission

Our mission was to make the crowd dance, rambunctious enough for the house to shake, and contained enough so the cops never came. The latter came true, but the dancing never occurred. All the effort that it took, setting up the dance floor, organizing a playlist, pretending to be cool DJs, in the end seemed tedious. So in this blog, I'm here to highlight some of the amazing tracks we discovered which were never really heard that night that I have pasted for you to enjoy.

Crystal Castles vs. Health - "Crimewave"
Crystal Castles is part of the electroclash movement featuring new wave dance with an emphasis on style over dancing. This track was remixed by Health, an up and coming rock band with emphasis of crazy drum patterns and synths.

Lil Wayne - "A Milli" Flying Lotus Robo Tussin Remix

Flying Lotus is an LA funk/electro producer that is creating a universe of music entirely unique to itself. With Lil Wayne's "A Milli," Flying Lotus breaks down the classic bass line, and implements a futuristic twist, which is needless to say, HOT!

Mickey Factz- "Super Duper Supra" Remixed Prince 85

"I like supers daddy," repeats the hooks on this 808 drum line. The song hits like old school hip hop remixes, with repeating lyrics and pushing high hats; but stands fresh with a saw sythn.

Other Mixtape Weeks:

Featuring: Phoenix, Jay Z, Camron, Micky Factz

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