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Thought Process: MGMT-->Violens-->The Zombies

While blogging I look first for the names of artists/bands I know, then let hyperlinks lead me to discover. Recently posted on Stereogum was an MGMT remix of the Violen's song "Doomed." I'm sure you're all familiar with MGMT, and as a side note, you should watch their drug induced/disturbing music video of "Kids." Below is their remix of the Violens, or you can hear it at Stereogum.

Violens - "Doomed" MGMT Remix

The Violens are a New Wave styled indie rock band who draw from retro 80s rock and 60s psychedelic pop. Described by NME as "ever wonder what the Shins might sound like had they taken an enormous amount of happy drugs with Arthur Lee, Van Morrison"--they'd sound like the Violens. Those were lofty comparisons, so I read further.

The band was signed to Cantora Records in 2007, and released their first album Violent Sensation Descends in 2008. After receiving much praise, from Spin to NME, the band has been working on their sophomore album. Below is some of their music videos.

The band was compared to The Zombies. Who are the Zombies? The Zombies are a 1960s UK psychedelic rock band. Known for songs like "She's Not There" and "Time of the Season." When listening to "She's Not There" you can hear similarities in the hollowed voices and dark tone. The shifting percussion pushes "She's Not There" as the electric piano fills the climax of the song. It's freakin' groovy if you ask me. The more popular "Time of The Season," issues comparisons to MGMT during the opening verse as the piano offsets the chopped percussion (just imagine it remixed with today's technology).

This is a day in the thought process of the SFCritic, I hope I shed a little light about contemporary music, up and coming groups and their musical roots.

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