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Andrew Bird : "Oh No"

SOTD 6.10.09 as seen on Betterpropaganda.com
Andrew Bird: “Oh No”

After the propulsion of emo/indie/rock during the Garden State soundtrack era, with bands like The Shins milking the tit of success until they were surrounded in soothing booty, seemingly tainting this genre for listeners as trendy and pop, Andrew Bird remained a hit on Pitchfork, but overlooked by most. “Oh No,” is a sharp social criticism as Bird’s softly sings “Arm in Arm we are the harmless / sociopaths, oh / Calcium mines you buried / Deep in your chest.” As he whistles through the time, the guitar sweeps gently with Bird reminding the listener this is not a love struck Shins song for all the sounding similarities, “so let’s get out of here / past the atmosphere” and join Bird free of the calcium mines.

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