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Feedback--Let's you know how the music SOUNDS

I got some feedback from a reader, who commented she liked me recommending music. Here at SFCritic I'm going to do just that.

Recently, in any discussion I've had on hip hop today, most critics, followers, or whomever state they miss the "golden era." Who wouldn't? With names like Nas, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, B.I.G., and so on, all being the main contributors of this time--how can you not miss this music? But too quickly does one accept this realization, and then forgets anything current else that is pushing hip hop further.

So where better to start in hip hop, but the core--the beats. This may sound just like background music, but pay attention to the rhythms, the structure of how the sample is manipulated...it's solid.

Prefuse 73 sounds like a clash of Aphilas and Pretty Lights. A track is like a journey through music and colliding into hip hop.

MF Doom, the villain and the rapper whose flow is unique like the his onstage outfit. His beats are nothing to scoff at, and are my personal doses of hip hop in these days of scarce options. Check it out, this a track from his box set called Special Herbs and Spices:

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