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Common No Longer Needs to Borrow a Dollar, Collabs With Jonas Brothers

Common's debut album, Can I Borrow A Dollar featured tracks like, A Penny For My Thoughts, and "Pitchin Pennies", projecting himself as one of the most homeless sounding rappers of the Golden Era, until now--as he attempts to make dollars with the Jonas Brothers. Things have changed for Common who was labeled a sellout by fans after becoming a poster boy for Gap, and now has a new line of Diesel cologne. The dude has "Two Scoops of Raisins" and a vineyard with a bunch of workers making a gang more of raisins.

These days musicians need to make a buck anyway they can--so I'm not hating, rather it's intriguing on how they choose to market themselves. Apparently, Common hasn't learned from his predecessors mistakes: don't collaborate with pop musicians! Yes it's true, Common has teamed up with the President's daughter's favorite band--Jonas Brothers for the song "Don't Charge Me". The song is about a bank robbery, and that's all I know because it made my headache worse. I'm charging them both with a crime, and "I'm hot, you're cold."

Jonas Brothers ft. Common: Don't Charge Me

On a tangent, another awful boy band/rapper combo was LFO and M.O.P.

LFO ft. M.O.P.: "Life is Good"

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