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Sorry Mr. Wobbles

Here is the SOTD that I posted thanks to Betterpropaganda.com

"Mr. Wobbles Nightmare"

“I’m sorry Mr. Wobble, your son is dead.” With a ridiculous opening like that, the song better follow with a ridiculously hard hitting beat. Thankfully, Kid 606 chops “Mr. Wobbles Nightmare,” into a rhythmic murder on the dance floor. Like a confusing tale of thoughts and sounds, samples break rhythmic patterns leading to new disconnected sounds. “I’m sorry Mr. Wobble you better come down to the station,” and hear how Kid 606 entranced your son with his altered keyboarding, sliced him up with sharp high hats, and mashed his muscles with a deep sonic baseline. The song begins with a bare drum patterns, but builds with passion, and then you’re trapped, in a dark basement rave-- until the party is over and you’re dead from dehydration and exhaustion. This song has got me addicted, tripping on something Satanist, and ready to dance for a house biscuit.

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