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Lady I Love You, And You

Lee Fields “Ladies”
SOTD 5.6.09

Along with the soul revival which has featured artists like Sharon Jones and Amy Winehouse is Lee Fields, literally a revivalist, after beginning his career in the soul heydays of the 70s. “Ladies” is new-soul with an undertone of hip hop flip-flop drums pushing the soul prerequisites: funky guitar riff, subtle harping violin, and a piping trumpet hook. On “Ladies,” Field is a love machine singing to any and every lady possible with lyrics like “when you pass me by/ you’re like candy to my eyes / you’re sugar you’re spice you’re everything nice.” When people say is hip hop dead, they’re asking about that soul. “Ladies” is a test, no hip hop isn’t dead, it has just lost its roots.

Also, here is Field's rehearsing the track.

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