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Upcoming Concerts 6/30-7/7

Blitzen Trapper @ The Fillmore, June 30th,9pm ($20) Over the course of their four full-length albums to date, including their revelatory 2008 Sub Pop release Furr, front man Eric Earley’s considerable poetic talents and his band’s hard-earned chops have gained them a growing international audience. The band’s continuing exploration of American music that spans from the ‘60s folk movement to the country sounds of the ‘70s, to the pop balladry and prog rock of the ‘80s has earned it notice ranging from Rolling Stone magazine to late-night network television to Yo Gabba Gabba, among a great many others.

Dum Dum Girls (and Crocodiles)@ The Bottom of The Hill, June 30th, 9pm($12)Led by Dee Dee, Dum Dum Girls churn out pop music that adheres to her self-proclaimed M.O.: “blissed-out buzz saw.” Dee Dee formed DDG in late 2008 as a solo project the name a nod to both The Vaseline's album, Dum-Dum, and the Iggy Pop song “Dum Dum Boys.”

Cake @ The Independent, July 1st, 8pm, ($50) Setting out from Sacramento, California in 1991, CAKE quickly graduated from packing local venues to becoming a favorite in the thriving San Francisco scene. The combination of McCrea's captivatingly unwitting amalgam of Jonathan Richman, David Byrne, and Woody Guthrie – off-kilter yet strangely relatable – with CAKE's shambolic country funk took Northern California by storm. Key to the band’s sound then and now is DiFiore’s trumpet playing, which makes brilliant use of a timbre rarely heard in post-modern rock. (The event is called Climatepolooza which benefits Telegraph Hill, providing resources for their solar power)

Nite Jewel and Dam Funk @ Mezzanine, July 1st, 9pm ($15) A great combination of funky beats (Dam Funk), and ambient chill-fi (Nite Jewel). Our buddies at Betterpropaganda are giving away tickets to the show if you're interested. Check here.


  1. Cake want $50? Really? That's just admission, right? There isn't a handy and free booze tied into that price, is there?

  2. yeah Cake want $50, but it's because it's a fundraiser..Sold out too.

  3. lol - saw Cake + $50 and my mind turned off :-)


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