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A&R: The Music Submissions

The Hundred In The Hands: This Desert EP
By Angela Sobrepena

Is it just me, or does there seem to a recent surge in the popularity of guy-girl duos? The Brooklyn-based team of Jason Friedman and Eleanore Everdell try to distinguish themselves from the masses with their debut EP, This Desert (released on May 18). Their dream-poppy vocals and synth-heavy arrangements, combined with some big beats, provide a great addition to that late night dance party soundtrack. Upon initial listen, "Sleepwalkers" bears more than a little resemblance to Ladytron, and I actually caught myself humming "Destroy Everything You Touch" mid-chorus. The ethereal vocals on "In To It" bring to mind Elizabeth Fraser and kinda make me wanna bust out the ol' Cocteau Twins records. While it is not the most original record, I would say it is a pretty solid 20+ minutes of foot-tapping, head nodding fun. I am hoping they step it up a little with their full-length album, which drops sometime this fall.

Sounds Like: The disco love child of Ladytron and the Cocteau Twins
Listen To: Tom Tom, Ghosts

Fake Drugs: Drake Fugs
By Camden Andrews

Remember Starfucker? The quirky, colorfully-clad electro-pop group from Portland, Oregon? They had a bit of an identity crisis this past year. For a little while, they changed their name to Pyramiddd because Starfucker was deemed too inappropriate. Then they changed their name back to Starfucker. Then members Kiel Corcoran and Shawn Glassford broke off to form Fake Drugs. But Fake Drugs is also currently playing shows with none other than… Starfucker. Confused? I don’t blame you. But the point is that Starfucker are still very much together, and Fake Drugs is just a chance for Corcoran and Glassford to break out and try something new. “I usually play drums,” Corcoran says, “so Fake Drugs is an excuse for me to escape my cage and act the fool.” Corcoran does most of the vocals for Fake Drugs, but their version of acting the fool is pretty dark and brooding compared to Starfucker’s playful dance tracks. “Balancing Act” has a new-wave groove that is definitely danceable, but is marked with sulking indifference as Corcoran ends each verse pouting, “So What’s the Point?” Their debut album, Drake Fugs was appropriately released on 4/20.

Sounds Like: A hipster Tears for Fears
Listen To: Balancing Act, Red Eyes

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