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Upcoming Concerts 6/16-6/23

Barrington Levy @ The Shattuck Download, June 17th, 8pm ($27) "ShudulibopdiddyloowoooooooOOO!" If that phonetically achieves its purpose then you'll recognize that Barrington Levy, the godfather of dancehall, is coming to town. Since arriving on the scene in mid 70s, Barrington has been a staple of Jamaican dancehall, having been featured on many hip hop albums, but never really becomign a fixture in the US. Either way, the man is a legend.

Erykah Badu & Janelle Monae @ Paramount Theater, June 18th,($42.75)Tickets ain't cheap for this sho9w, but you can damn be sure this will be well worth it if you got the cash to spend. Badu the queen of soul has become mystically funky in her recent efforts; whereas Janelle, the upcoming prodigy just might be headlining with Badu opening in a few years.

Jamie Lidell @ The Independent, June 18th, 8:30pm ($20) The fact that Jamie Lidell is signed to Warp Records might lead to an assumption that the man is electro based, which once upon was true. NOW, Lidell is churning out some of the most soulful, interesting music I've ever heard, making Robin Thicke sound like pop-crap.

Stars @ The Independent, June 20th, 8pm ($25)Stars will giving an exclusive preview of The Five Ghosts. Playing the new record in its entirety from start to finish, Stars are also letting fans select additional set list and encore tracks by voting at the bands website.

Kate Miller-Heidke @ Cafe Du Nord, June 22nd, 7pm, ($12) SFCritic discovered the Australian songstress at this year's SXSW. Ultimately, it’s the wonderfully unselfconscious yet accomplished songwriting that takes Heidke to the next level. She's unabashedly humorous, entertaining and talented (operatically trained).

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