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Free Mp3s: Marina And The Diamonds, Semi Precious Weapons, A-Trak and more

Marina And The Diamonds: "Oh No!" (Active Child Remix)
It was Marina’s “serious pipes” that moved Pat Grossi to remix “Oh No!”, turning the brash, chart-bound original into something far more private and maudlin. No shock there, I guess, given that privacy and being maudlin are things that seem to happen to Grossi whenever he enters Active Child mode. Glo-fi’s saddest kid? Yes, but he can bring his Polaroid to our beach party anyways because that sadness inevitably turns into tracks as beautiful as this one.

The Rentals: "Honey Life"
The Rentals’ Songs About Time project produced a lot of content–three-hundred and sixty-five days of photography, fifty-two weeks of film, and four albums of music. Only a fraction of that music was actually released, the rest was saved for limited-edition box sets that are now available from their website . “Honey Life” was one of the unreleased cuts, a slow, pillow-soft pop song about being tired that doesn’t sound tired. It just sounds like the long-overdue return to a room that’s exactly the way you left it. Taking comfort in the familiar and all that.

Heaps Decent: "Anywhere But Here" (Ft. MC Huz & The Riverina Crew & Prod. by A-Trak)
Heaps Decent is a label/charity, co-founded by Diplo, that provides Australian youth with music and production workshops, often under the stewardship of a notable DJ/producer. Their latest release is “Anywhere But Here,” born from a session A-Trak conducted with residents of the Riverina Juvenile Justice Centre in Wagga Wagga, NSW, where the Fool’s Gold boss built a beat around a didgeridoo sample for the centre’s aspiring rappers. It’s raw and elemental like made-in-a-day rap should be.

Semi Precious Weapons: "Semi Precious Weapons"
If filthy, debaucherous rockstars are your thing, you’d best be on the Semi Precious Weapons bandwagon. From their debut, You Love You, the lead track “Semi Precious Weapons” is everything that stadium music should be—a brash monster ballad full of artful yelling, sex, and flagrant tongue-wagging. Basically, an awesome exercise in vanity.

Delphic: "Doubt"
Delphic are citizens of that other Manchester—the one that gave the world New Order and The Hacienda, A Guy Called Gerald and N-Trance; or, to paraphrase: they’d rather dance than fight. And there is no two ways about that as it comes across, very clearly, in the glitch-infused, original version of their track “Doubt.”

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