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Drake "Thank Me Later" Review

Our buddies at Culture Bully put together a really nice review of Drake's new album, Thank Me Later. You can read it here, and below is an excerpt:

"New York City’s Francis and the Lights, who have covered Kanye West and opened for Drake in the past, add the musical backing and production for the track. It’s not long before Drake rediscovers his inner-rapper however, sounding like a less smoked out version of his mentor, Lil Wayne. Produced by Toronto’s Noah “40″ Shebib—who worked with Keys on her single “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)“—“The Resistance” finds the vocalist spinning a series of short charming one-liners, a trend which is repeated throughout the entire record. “I avoided the coke game and went with Sprite instead” and “The game need a life, I put my heart in it” being just two of the simple bars laid down within the track. Again Drake returns to a personal revelation with the song however, looking at himself in the mirror he reveals, “I live by some advice this girl Alyssa told me/The other day Alyssa told me that she miss the old me/Which made me question when I went missing, and when I start treating my friends different.” Rhetorical, sure, but all the same the questions are clearly there: “Did I just trade free time for camera time, will I blow all of this money, baby—hammer time.
Does Drake deserve his fair share of haters? Absolutely. Regardless of Drake basing his lyrics on his reality, there’s still a fair share of truth to many of the claims being made about him: he can’t freestyle worth a damn, his stage presence is still questionable (he practically tripped over himself on stage last year which resulted in a torn ACL which he’s still rehabbing), and upon the most basic dissection of his lyrics he fails to come close to the greats. Most of this criticism comes under the pretense that Drake is a pure MC though. He isn’t."

Culture Bully


  1. Drake= Jimmy, from Degrassi Junior High

  2. first off,whoever posted the first dumbass comment is an idiot, obviously drake is from degrassi people need to get over it. he should be getting more respect because he came from that to where he's at today. second, to the people at culture bully, i can respect your opinion but i 100% do not agree with it. drake is an amazing artist. you credit haters for pointing out his lack of ability to freestyle... big deal, he never claimed to be a freestyle rapper nor has he ever bragged about his freestyle talents. as far as stage presence goes, give him a break, he's new to the world of live performances, mastering the stage takes time. As far as his actual music goes, you said it yourself, drake's lyrics are based off his reality, that's what makes them amazaing. unlike the other bull**** "rappers" of today, drake is not making one hit wonder dance songs or telling us about the number of diamonds in his chain, he's relatable and does not have to depend on a catchy beat to make his songs great. so feel free to compare him to "the greats" but truth is, drake is rapidly becoming one of the greats of HIS time.


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