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#FF Download MP3s: Cee-Lo, Crystal Castles, Tokyo Police Club...

Cee-Lo": "Georgia"
In 1960, when Ray Charles’ released his version of “Georgia On My Mind,” it catapulted to the top of the R&B charts, later becoming the official song of the State Of Georgia in 1979. Well-oiled soul machine Cee-Lo Green’s emotional ode to his home state, “Georgia,” may not replace that classic in the Georgia General Assembly, but it certainly carries all the weight, sincerity and soul as Charles’ string-laden lament.

The Love Language: "Heart To Tell"
The Love Language was, for a time, a band, but it’s back to being just Stuart McLamb, North Carolina native and talented yarner of heart-busting chamber-pop supernovas. “Heart To Tell” is the lovesick, light footed crux of the new Love Language album, Libraries.

Tokyo Police Club; "Wait Up"
Already given the once-over by soon-to-be-tourmates Passion Pit, “Wait Up (Boots Of Danger),” falls into the hands of Worcester, Mass pop miscreant DOM, who, despite being all of twenty-two, appears to be well versed in eighties baby nostalgia. Meaning, this remix sounds like you’re listening to the original from inside Zach Morris’ cell phone. Re-runs are the new Nuggets, y’all.

Crystal Castles: "Celestica"
If Crystal Castles’ “Celestica” already sounded slightly the wrong side of addled euphoria, here Sonic Youth hero Thurston Moore takes the track on ‘til the morning after, revelling in skittering, comedown rhythms and headache fuzz.

Ghost Poet ft Micachu: "Morning"
This Micachu-featuring track sounds like the work of someone busy: Mica Levi hammering “Morning” into shape with percussion like the bangs and slaps of some sonic work yard. Ghostpoet’s lax drawl is the perfect complement to such endeavor.

Dawes: "When My Time Comes" (Live)
If you’re in the market for a sing-along, you can’t really do better than “When My Time Comes,” one of those jugular-stretching, Boss-nodding songs people often refer to as “barn burners”. It’s the high water mark of Dawes’ debut LP, North Hills, but it’s also, like all righteous sing-alongs, best experienced live. Bonnaroo attendees can experience that in real life this weekend, but for those of us left at home, this MP3 will have to do (and it does).

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