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Friday Free Mp3s

The Cool Kids: "Great Outdoors"
Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks of The Cool Kids have been spending every second getting ready for the big one, that topsy-turvy day When Fish Ride Bicycles. As an avid fisherman, you might be wondering how does one prepare for such a trip? New gear? Fresh bait? Those both sound great but the fact is that every fishing trip begins the same: with a well-packed tackle box. Let the Cool Kids’ “Great Outdoors” be an example to all you fledgling fisherman, pack it full of big hooks and strong lines and you’ll never go home empty-handed.

Jasmine Solana: "Poetic Justice"
Jasmine Solano is already a fixture on the underground club scene, and now she’s poised to become a hip-hop star. Her newest single “Poetic Justice” does nothing of the kind. Instead, it rips through like firewater, banging you into submission with a tribal-like beat and sexy, steady chant. To put it lightly, it’s worth a few spins this summer.

The Roots: "Dear God 2.0" (Ft. Jim James & Monster of Folk)
The Roots, Illadelphia’s purveyors of good taste, have spotted another jam to jump on—Monsters Of Folk’s funkiest cut, “Dear God.” In this version, Blackthought uses Jim James’ cooing chorus as a canvas to paint a sobering picture of a rather hopeless future, one plagued by “hurricanes, tsunamis, assaults, and robberies, endangered species, and runnin’ out of trees.”

The Whigs: "Dying"
“Dying” is the mercurial mid-album crescendo piece on The Whigs’ latest, In The Dark; their Spiritualized moment, basically, building over four minutes into a tsunami of guitar feedback, organ wash and drum fireworks.

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