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Weezer "Represent" the Unofficial Theme for US Soccer Team

"Represent" is River Cuomo's unofficial US Soccer team music video. It is not a hip hop inspired song (unfortunately). In a separate video interview/music video ("Lover in the Snow"), Cuomo explains his passion for soccer, which initially sounds like a save the sanctity of marriage advertisement; "Perhaps because my parents split up when I was four, and I rarely saw my dad when I was growing up I romanticized everything about him..." and proceeds to talk about his dad's (then his) desire to play soccer, how he has a bum leg, and then decided to become a rock star (boo hoo). Ok so clearly I'm not the biggest River Cuomo fan, whom in my circle is compared to Owl City (wiki: "Rock Star Get Rich Schemes"). I think ever since Weezer did a snuggie, I dropped him like it was hot. I love Pinkerton, and I even did "Island in the Sun," but that's all the praise they'll get from me. Below is the "Represent" video, as well as Cuomo's heart felt soccer interview.


"Lover in the Snow" (Heart felt soccer video)

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