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The Music Submissions: The Sparking Arrest and Beach Fossils

The Sparking Arrest - "Live In The White Room Pt 1 EP"

Australia-based band The Sparkling Arrest is comprised of brothers Bharat, Anand, and Dhyan Chalmers. Despite only having been around since 2009, the first two have been playing together for years, and it is apparent in their sound. The soaring guitar riffs, dynamic chords and emotive vocals all come together in their digitally-released debut EP, Live in the White Room. It took me a couple listens to get into them, but they definitely have a unique sound that is more fitting to seasoned veterans than young rockers who have been playing publicly for less than a year. They have not cited any particular influences, as they are trying to sound different to anything else out there, and I must say that they have done a pretty good job thus far.

Sounds like: Something different
Listen to: In The Cloud, Not a Soul In Sight

Beach Fossils - "Beach Fossils"

Summer is officially upon us. And in San Francisco, that means lots of fog sprinkled with the occasional sunny day when it becomes perfectly acceptable to drop everything and head to the closest beach/park/pool. For these rare occasions, I am always in need of the perfect soundtrack. Beach Fossils' self-titled debut album, released May 25th, is the type that lends itself to daydreaming and lazy summer days lounging by the pool. Brooklyn-based front man Dustin Payseur seamlessly blends melodic bass lines with hazy lo-fi vocals that, while not completely knocking me off my feet, still make me want to put this album on repeat. After a while, the songs all start to sound the same and kind of blend into one another, and while most of the time I would consider that a bad thing, in Beach Fossils' case, it actually suits me just fine.

Sounds like: if Joy Division went on an oceanside summer vacay
Listen to: Youth, Vacation, The Horse

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