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Metric - Fantasies

The Canadian new wave rock band has just released the official music video for "Sick Muse," off their new album Fantasies. On "Sick Muse," vocalist Emily Haines puts up a cold shoulder, and warns us all to watch out. This is not a love song, as Haines scorns on the hook "Everybody everybody wants to fall in love, everybody everybody wants to play the lead!"

Metric has a dynamic sound, which crosses into indie rock like Santigold, and then experiments with other styles. On their first album, Grow Up And Blow Away , on the album titled track, the song infuses electronic rock with somber-R&B with dark lyrics "if this is the life why does it feel so good to die today...blue turning gray / grow up and blow away."

This may not be the happiest of bands, but they create some good music.

Take a listen:

Fantasies : "Sick Muse"

Grow Up And Blow Away - "Grow Up And Blow Away"

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  1. My favorite track is "Help I'm Alive". Apparently, it is about facing the many uncertainties life has to offer. What comes next? It's a question we all have to deal with on some level.


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