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RJD2 "Let There Be Horns"

"Let There Be Horns" is the "mystical," horn infused track by producer RJD2 from his upcoming album, Colossus. Telling the story of a pill-popping Minotaur, which is obviously a metaphor for my life (how did they know?), the video is entertaining to say the least. "Hey look, it's a Minotaur in a Smart Car!" says the kid pointing, "Haha!" (ref. to The Simpsons, what?) Like many of RJD2 tracks, you either love or don't care for the 1:10 loop. "Let There Be Horns," is crafty, shifting and dangerous beat like Shaft, unfortunately it falls short of supreme like the Minotaur's game, lacking. RJD2 will be commencing his tour shortly, and will be stopping in San Francisco in April. Expect more coverage closer to the of the show, *cough* Mr. PR--I want access.

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