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The Antler's "Two"

All I really can say is "holy shit." I can't believe it took me this long to discover The Antler's Hospice (Eve, was months ahead). The album is richly emotional, comforting and haunting. The album's concept revolves around a lover/hospice who is battling the demons of watching someone die and reflecting on their relationship. While writing the album, Peter Silberman found guidance from the words of Michael Lewis' Sylvia. Sylvia is the story of Michael's relationship with his ex-wife, Sylvia Bloch.

When a piece of art is introduced to the public sphere the original meaning grows, expanding with the interpretation of the listener/observer. For me, Hospice is the voice of my mother when I was deathly ill. I was ten, and fighting for my life for two weeks in the hospital. I almost died from several complications. The narrator's struggle is that of my mother coping with the potential loss of her son. Haunting her with regret over the verbal abuse of a youth and the hurtful words that are exchanged meaninglessly, potentially never amended.

"Two" might feel like a "bright" track, but it's meaning is lost outside the context of the album. Listen to this album from beginning to end. Then check back soon for SFCritic's interview with Peter Silberman.

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