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Listen to What You're Missin': Phantogram, Ninjasonik, and Nite Jewel

"Listen to What You're Missin'" is a series of posts consisting of three tracks each week, giving you an updated look at new music. This week I explore some of the dance music I've discovered from friends.

Phantogram: "Mouthful of Diamonds"

Phantogram is the love duo of Sarah D. Barthel and Joshua M. Carter. Their EP floats in space, zooming by with synths and chopped samples, followed by melodiously hovering in time guitar chords. On "Mouthful of Diamonds," Sarah's lo-fi vocals contrast the crisp production. If you like this track, definitely check out "When I'm Small," which has a DJ Premier-esque production quality. (Note: for those wondering where do I find this music, I was recommended this by a bartender. You never know what you're going to get.)

Nite Jewel: "What Did He Say"

Nite Jewel is music to listen while driving home from late night clubs. Continuing on this "spaced out" theme, on "What Did He Say" Ramona Gonzalez's voice quietly echos between crashes of static kicks. "What Did He Say," sounds like a late night robo-trip adventure with the soundtrack of Super Mario Bros backing a sleep induced euphoric dream of a 80s dance queen rejecting a dance with John Travolta. I found this track through a journalist I follow on twitter.

Ninjasonik: "Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant"

"Who dat, who dat?" Is that the baby, because somebody gonna get pregnant. It's not funny, but it is, but that's just what Ninjasonik is about. While I don't recommend playing this before discussing the morning-after-situation, the song jumps, and bumps for any other Friday night festivity. Check out the video also. My cousin suggested this group to me, enjoy.

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