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Friday Free Mp3 Downloads

We all know how much the blogosphere loves to download free MP3s, you greedy music snatchers you. So, I will painfully oblige. No, I'm not cynical about our constant need to consume CONSUME music or actually anything (even late night Jack 'N Box 2 for 1 tacos). Actually, yes I am. This weather is getting to me, but anyhow--I have some treats for you. You like treats don't you? This is obviously rhetorical.

Groove Armada: "Shameless"
The duo of Andy Cato and Tom Findlay have been producing chilled, reggae fused, down-tempo house music for years. With the new album Black Light, Groove Armada takes a stab at the indie electronic scene, citing influences like LCD Soundsystem and MGMT. “We could've knocked out an album of reggae-influenced house bangers and a couple of chill-out tunes, and that would've been a much easier life," said Cato, "But we needed a new challenge."

Jay Electronica: "Suckas"
"Ah shit," you put Jay Electronica on a Madlib beat and you get a SICK track. The ambient, film score emcee master, sounds fresher than ever over a grounded beat.

Dan Black ft. Kid Cudi: "Symphonies"
I don't know how to feel about this track. It's catchy. It's really catchy actually. I like Kid Cudi, but he also seems like a cry baby that is struggling with all (or lack thereof) attention he's gotten. Oh wait, I forgot this track is by Dan Black--without Cudi's name I probably wouldn't have ever checked. Mr. Black sounds like a less soulful Robin Thicke and more electro than Mattafix. Don't get it, well just listen.

Yeasayer: "Ampling Alp"
Yeasayer may I say whoa. This is just good, what else can I say? This track is from their new album, Odd Blood.

Mux Mool: "Ballad of Gloria Featherbloom"
Mux Mool give me some more tunes to work with. "Ballad of Gloria Featherbloom" is one of the best tracks on Nocturnal Suite, which I reviewed favorably. It's difficult to contrive a feeling with electronic music, but done well (Postal Service)is amazing. Mux Mool is close, really close and I'm excited to hear more from him.

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