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Album Review: The Nocturnal Suite

The Nocturnal Suite is a satisfyingly diverse compilation of electro based music. With thick unraveling synth pop tracks like Mux Mool’s “Ballad of Gloria Featherbottom” followed by City Center’s “Summer School,” an ambient track full of sweet saw noises surrounded by dream-like vocals, the album balances opposite textures and flavors like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Featuring Mux Mool and Daedelus, most of the two-disc set includes lesser-known (rising) artists like NewVillager and Daniel Johnson. Each track features some infusion of synths, vocal effects, accelerated BPM, and spaced-out noises, but those fearful of “UMPH-UMPH” redundancy will be pleasantly surprised; there is a refreshing combination of synth-pop (Outlier’s “Visible Light Eater”), ambient instrumental (Matters & Dunway “Memorial”), indie-rock (Elm From Arm’s “Pretty Take”), techno-dance pop (Mogi Grumbles’ “Supreme”), disco-funk (Scott Brandon’s “Voyage Into The Dark”), and punk (Wild Yaks’ “Crazy But Not Afraid”). My personal favorites are NewVillager’s “Rich Doors,” D. Gookin’s “Glad I Met You,” and Tonight’s “When Galaxies From” stand out with catchy hooks, late-night-bobbing beats, and retro-modernity. For those electro junkies looking for new fixes this album is perfect.

NewVillager: "Rich Doors"

D. Gookin: "Glad I Met You"

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