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Coachella Lineup Announced

For the last few years Coachella's lineup has been unequivocally superior to any other music festival in the US. In 2010 the trend continues. The three day festival is headlined by Jay-Z, Muse, and Gorillaz. Though these are the "headliners," they're not necessarily even the "best" groups playing. Other names include (in no particular order) Phoenix, Thom Yorke (*with ??? added), Vampire Weekend, Grizzly Bear, Passion Pit, MGMT, Dead Weather, Dirty Projectors, Pavement, Faith No More, DJ Tiesto, De La Soul, Miike Snow, Fever Ray--blah blah blah. You get the picture right?

It's the place to be if you're anybody, somebody or you just have some free time. Forget your trip to Africa or Honduras go to Coachella--don't be a elitist humanitarianist. What? Okay, well if you want to remain eco-friendly, and maintain your elitist values (I mean really, there is no such thing as global warming, get over it..) there will be a car pooling, or "carpoolchella," for those interested, see here. Adding "chella" to anything is a little trite, and honestly well, poochella on then. Not funny? Then stop reading--geez. And I'm outropoolchella.

For more info, check out the Coachella website.

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