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Friday Free Mp3s

The Knife ft. Mt. Sims & Planningtorock: "Colouring of Pigeons"

The Knife along with Mt. Sims & Planningtorock will be releasing the studio version of the opera Tomorrow, In A Year on February 2nd. Last year, The Knife worked alongside the two groups to create the music for the opera based on Darwin's theory of evolution.

Download here

jj : "Ecstacy"

There are a lot of secrets with jj, starting first with the Swedish group's identity. They're also signed to Secretly Canadian. Oh, and their album, jj n2, "secretly" received high acclaim. At Secretly Canadian they openly described the band's efforts:

"jj create R&B and balearic dub from the ghosts of lost lovers; pop as delicate as a fawn's nose across blades of frosted grass. It is the soundtrack for friends packed into the town square's tiniest tavern, their moontanned, apple-cheeked faces glowing, their dilated pupils filled with all the meaning and meaninglessness of a magic 8-ball."

My favorite line is "as delicate as a fawn's nose across the blades of frosted grass." Isn't that just poetically sweet like an adolescent camp love song sung softly in the heat of an erection? There is no mistaking the Lil Wayne beat, but oh what ECSTACY.

Download here.

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