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Download: The Knux FCK YOU EP

"Fuck you" never sounded so good. The brotherly duo duo of Kentrell "Krispy Kream" Lindsey and Alvin "Rah Almillio" Lindsey, better known as The Knux, are giving away a five track EP called, Fuck You. The New Orleans hip hop group are witty, funky, and pack energy. "Condoms never leave up the condominium / Cause if they find out you have a condominium you find ten of them that've ho'ing since the last millenium" raps Krispy Kream on "Floozy" a bluesy guitar jam that brings back memories of old school Outkast. "Pop The Cork" is hip hop meets disco, pop champagne, or poppin' something (you know what I'm saying *jab jab). This is definitely a group to watch. You can download their EP, here (updated).

Fuck You EP Track Listing:
1. "Floozy"
2. "Pop The Cork"
3. "Fruits" ft. Malbec
4. "Watchu Say"
5. "Fuck You"

Listen to:

The Knux: "Floozy"

The Knux: "Pop The Cork"


  1. The download for the album says expired?

  2. I got-chu. Holla at the link now. AIGHT. Ha, just playing. RCRD LBL is reliable.


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