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Writing Off Journalism

I finally can't hold it back, after my experience with this magazine, I'm concerned about the future of journalism.

I recently was employed by a growing online magazine whose name I'll omit, but it's a large corporate enterprise that is structured similar to a pyramid scheme. Though there isn't an exchange of money to become a part of the magazine(There was a 'selective' application mind you), one is encouraged with money to get other bloggers to enroll. Not to rant, but this magazine is trying to consume all blogging under it's name, claiming to reimburse them by giving them a small portion of their traffic, or as Marx might put--complete alienation of their labor.

Is this the future of journalism? Take a look at this email they sent to me regarding their planned "summer recipes" submissions prior to July 4th. For the last two weeks I've been receiving emails encouraging me from my regional rep to submit recipes. I rarely give recipes to my friend, so no way is that happening. The company strategically wanted recipes anticipating the demand for people considering to BBQ. This company "employs" around 400,000 bloggers. That is a significant amount of internet space dedicated to the agenda of one businessman's prerogative.

"I hope everyone had a great long weekend. Our page numbers were through the roof over the holiday, bucking the trend of almost every other channel on $#$@^^&&. People were looking for great recipes and cooking advice and you guys wrote plenty. Great job. It’s the Tour de France: Let’s have your best tips on French wine, great French cheeses, meals and more. There are three weeks of action. If you are really clever, check out the action and see if you can match meals and wine to the locations of any of the stages. Please make sure you are staying on topic though.

If you were unaware it's time to GET READY for Tour de France. That means by some cheese and Bordeaux . Because bicycling=French=cheese. Or in simpler terms. Armstrong. Cheese. Armstrong. Cheese.

Rum Month: It’s in full swing. We have had front page promos for it yesterday and today. Once they go away, we’re on our own. So when you write about a get rum drink or recipe, be sure to add “Rum Month” as a category

Like mojitos weren't cool last year, and the year before.

If you liked this meltdown of sorts, look at my other criticism. Cheers.

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