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Lists: Top 5 Car Commercial's Songs

So while on the one hand I have a friend calling me for Web 2.0 advice, the truth is--I know as much as you, and so when my "experienced" friend advised me to create more lists, well, I came up with this: The Top 5 Car Commercial's Songs.

5. Dirty Vegas: "Days Go By" for Mitsubishi Eclipse

When house music was reaching mainstream audiences, no longer just a raver's delight, this Dirty Vegas' song hit the tube. This was a summer hit for ages, and I still get dance jitters listening.

4. Sea Wolf: "You're Wolf" for Chevy Malibu

Truth is I'm a bunny to the wolf, they'll catch me every time. I'm a sucker for this song, and well, that's that.

3. Cat Powers: "Space Oddity" for Lincoln MKS

The syncopation of the video and the song is exceptional. Obviously Cat Powers is a talented artist, and who doesn't want to hear a David Bowie cover (unless at a karaoke bar).

2. Telepopmusik: "Breathe" for Mitsubishi Outlander

They might have had one other hit, but this commercial made them, and the song. You know it's a great combo, when five years later, I can still remember the images.

1. Nick Drake: "Pink Moon" for Volkswagen Jetta

This list wouldn't have existed had I not heard this commercial when I was a yee lil'one. Many critics would agree, only music snobs knew of Nick Drake prior to this, after the commercial used records stores displayed his albums in the front of the store.

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