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She's Got Her Own Thing: Ne-Yo 'Miss Indepent'

If you haven't heard, Ne-Yo wants an "independent" woman. I was driving tonight when Ne-Yo's new hit "Miss Independent," came on the radio. At first the song sounded like just another producer trying to use synthesizers like Timbaland, and some other singer replacing Chris Brown, who replaced Omarian. On second thought, as I listen to the chorus and Ne-Yo exclaims " she got her own thing/thats why i love her /miss independent," I'm starting to think--sensitive love song that embraces female feminist values? No, couldn't be because then you start hearing what Ne-Yo likes:

1. "cause she walk like a boss/talk like a boss/manicured nails to set the pedicure off shes fly effortlessly"

Now Ne-Yo seems kind of shallow. I mean she's independent because she manicure and pedicures--is that a pick line? Okay, so it's becoming clear this is a typical R&B song, but wait:

2. "ooh there's somethin about/ kinda woman that can do for herself/ i look at her and it makes me proud/ theres somethin about her"

Well he's proud about her for something--that much is clear. The problem is it doesn't seem he knows why he's proud of her independence, because he proceeds by singing:

3. "theres somethin oh so sexy about/ kinda woman that dont even need my help/
she said she got it she got it no doubt/ there's something about her"

Damn! He got this boss lady to take on fixing the sink, and she didn't even ask for his help! I mean, am I wrong--couldn't we hear something a little less ambiguous.

Ok, I'll quit there. The thing is at first I was impressed, a male R&B singer calling out his affection for an independent woman is a big step in hip hop and R&B. No really-no joke, women have been fighting for respect in hip hop for ages. So calling out for an independent woman, not just a ho, is a big step in a different direction. It's just unfortunate that the song lacks any content. The word "something" and "thing" are repeated more times than "Miss Independent." Sadly, this song will be gobbled up by hungry teenage girls who think that Ne-Yo will love their independent side. Check out the video below--no doubt the "Miss Indepedent" dancers strip out of their work outfits.

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