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Listen to What You're Missin': Madeline, Tupac, Atlas Sounds and Au Revoir Simone.

"Listen to What You're Missin'" takes you through four tracks of the week, giving you an updated look at new music. This week I have a special treat for you with: Madeline, Tupac, Atlas Sounds and Au Revoir Simone.

Madeline: "White Flag"

I first heard about Madeline at You Ain't No Picasso (YANP), where she received high marks. A lot of her songs have influences of folk, and country like Jenny Lewis. With her soft childlike voice sounding reminiscent of St. Vincent. Her new CD White Flag was released in March of 2009.

Tupac: "Let Them Thangs Go"

"Tupaclypse now, still down with the Underground, Boom Boom," goes Pac on "Let Them Thangs Go." Along with fourteen other unreleased tracks, this song is part of a zip file you can get here at The Diggers Union. The sample is a classic, and so is Tupac.

Atlas Sounds ft. Noah Lennox: "Walkabout"

A while back I reviewed Deerhunter, the psych pop rock group lead by singer Bradford James Cox. As Atlas Sounds, Bradford goes solo with his LP Logos. I haven't heard the album in its entirety yet, but if "Walkabout" with its heavily layered guitars, thick texture provided by the keys and tambourines is any indicator for the rest of the album then I'll strongly endorse taking a further listen.

Au Revoir Simone: "Grateful"

Imagine you just woke up, head heavy, exhausted from the anxieties of your daily life. Why leave the house when you can remain in your pajamas, sit on your couch, and let yourself digest the thoughts on your mind. As you sit there, on comes "Grateful," by the Brooklyn electronic female group Au Revoir Simon. The soft electronic music gracefully sways and shifts like the tide, as you can get easily lost in the melodies. "Who knows what we are here to do, I just take my time, and love these hours here with you," now isn't that just sweet?

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