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A-Trak goes on 10,000LB Hamburger Tour

My first interview question for A-Trak on his 10,000LB Hamburger tour which stops in San Francisco tomorrow night, "Does everything revolve around food for you?" Better known as Kanye West's DJ, or the youngest turntabilist to win the DMC title (at age 15, he couldn't even drive!), A-Trak has a lot of new recipes he's cooking up. Recently collaborating with Armand Van Helden, with the assistance of his horse "Mustard," the duo worked together creating an old school house and techno record under the alias "Duck Sauce" (you getting all these food references?). First known for his hip hop skills, A-Trak's last two albums FabricLive.45 and Infinity +1 have solidified him as crate digger of all styles of techno and house.

Since Girl Talk, mashups have become a staple of DJ popularity, but A-Trak's mix are like cream spreads blended unbelievably smooth. The man can take anything from any type of genre, slap them together like green eggs and ham--yeah man, yeah and it will sound as good as a Dr. Seus poem. I'll be previewing his tour tomorrow, and will have a review for you shortly thereafter.

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