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Listen to What You're Missin: Mitsu the Beat, Mourah, Clutchy Hopkins, and Wallpaper

"Listen to What You're Missin'" takes you through four tracks of the week, giving you an updated look at new music. This week I have a special treat for you with: Mitsu the Beat, Mourah, Clutchy Hopkins, and Wallpaper.

DJ Mitsu the Beat feat. Maspyke: "Playin Wit Crime"

DJ Mitsu the Beat feat. Jose James: "Promise in Love"

DJ Mitsu the Beat has an ear for great American hip hop, which resonates in his own work. His style is soulful with a jazzy grittiness, with influences like Slum Village and J Dilla. I came across DJ Mitsu the Beat from a Spin Earth interview of him at his favorite bar in Sendai, Japan. The interview delves into his production process, as the Japanese producer explains how the cafe is his second home. On his new CD, A Word to the Wise, he collaborates with Elzhi, Maspyke, Kev Brown, Sa-Ra and more. I've selected two very different tracks from the album to show you his range. Enjoy.

Mourah: "Heavylightness"
In Portugal Mourah is old news, but in the US, has anyone ever heard of this electro DJ? The Swiss musician was signed in 2003 to an independent Portuguese label Nova Zona. His first release, From One Human Being to Another, was nominated for best national album at the Dance-Club Music Awards. For what it's worth, his style ranges from jazz influenced drum-n-bass, to ambient explorations with trip hop. This music is definitely complimented by the computer visualizations if you know what I'm getting at.

Clutchy Hopkins: "3:02"

I have just learned about Clutchy Hopkins, but the mystery of his real identity remains. Intrigued? Clutchy Hopkins, presumed Cut Chemist, maybe DJ Shadow, is a growing cult figure, not solely because of his mysterious persona, but also because of his music. Bomarr blog does a good job of explaining the mystique and style if you're interested in investigating further.

Das Racist: "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" (Wallpaper Remix)

The first I ever heard of Wallpaper was that "he eats hipsters alive," which was the title for a review of his show. The Bay Area group is comprised of producer Eric Frederick, and his alter ego Ricky Reeds as the vocalist. I'll tantalize you with that, but I'll explain more about Wallpaper in a feature coming later this week. Das Racist wrote what might be the most unbearable lyrics since "Who Let The Dogs Out." If you listen to the original track on repeat, you might shoot yourself, which is proof of Wallpaper's skills that he has transformed this song into an irresistible, "why the $### am I listening to this, but oh I LOVE it," type of song. Truly a love hate relationship, I dare you to listen to this.

If you enjoyed this song, then you should look at this video my buddy gave me in response.

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