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Going Back to the 70s with Legs & Co

From Wikipedia

"Legs & Co. were a female dance troupe who were mainly associated with their appearances on the BBC television series Top of the Pops between 1976 and 1981.

The new dance troupe were formed as a hasty replacement for Ruby Flipper, a multi-racial and mixed-sex septet (later sextet and quintet) who took over dancing duties on Top of the Pops from the popular and long-running female dance group Pan's People in May 1976. The troupe were put together, and managed by, choreographer and founding member of Pan's People, Flick Colby, and fellow Pan's People dancer Ruth Pearson."

And look at them go. Go-go-go! Yeah. Pretty cool.

Oh and bring it! The original, oh yes, the almighy--Pans People.

Ladies, I hope you saw that hip twist, that was stellar.

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