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Song Of The Day - St. Vincent "Actor Out of Work"

You’d be foolish to think Annie Clark is just a pretty face—because she’s also the brilliance behind the emerging band St. Vincent. Clark’s music is reflective of her unique taste, or as she describes, “I love the notion that something can be whimsical, delightful, but also disgusting,”—as her music can shift from love-wooing-coos to haunting marches of social criticism. With Actor, Clark’s imagination ties dreams with realities, as she began creating the album while watching her favorite movies -- Badlands, Pierrot le Fou, The Wizard of Oz, Stardust Memories, Sleeping Beauty. With each track reflecting like individual film scores, the unimaginable of comparing Snow White with Woody Allen, become imaginable.

If “Marry Me,” reflected the sweet and loving side of Annie Clark, “Actor Out of Work” is how she might sound pissed off and confused. Typical of St. Vincent, her lyrics are full metaphors, denouncing the subject as a cheat, a liar, and a supplement. When listening only to the tones, her voice is soft and melodic and as she sing “woo hoo,” the song almost seems loving, but then in comes the dissonant saw synthesizers backed by haunting choral sounds, changing the structure of the song entirely. St. Vincent is a dynamic musician, and multi-instrumentalist, and “Actor Out of Work” highlights the the clash of noise and feelings that is so uniquely St. Vincent.

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