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SOTD: Charles Trees "It's The"

“It’s The”
Charles Trees
Accepted Truth

From Betterpropaganda.com

When writing the SOTD I scan through all the new music, until I hear a song that makes my head bob uncontrollably. This moment, like a seizure (how my dance moves are described), catches me off guard, and then consumes me in rhythms. “It’s the,” shit—is probably the full title. With an intro that builds into the sample, the song takes off quickly. Charles Trees' “It’s the” plays like an RJD2 beat, but the sample is chopped and used in a fashion similar to Madlib. Driven by a simple drum pattern, the sample anchors the song. For a man with strong political expression, “It’s the” is void of lyrics, but not of hip hop soul. After listening to Charles Trees' Myspace page, this track emphasizes a jazzy hip hop, whereas some of his other tracks experiment with electronic and scratching, sounding more like Prince Paul. Take a listen, try to rap over the beat and send me your lyrics, because I’ve been rapping over this track all morning, and my rhymes “are the.”

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