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Leak from Mos Def's New Album: The Ecstatic

This is "Casa Bey" off Mos Def's soon to be released album Ecstatic. Enjoy:

In recent shows Mos Def has performed new songs from his upcoming album, The Ecstatic. Crowds have heard tracks produced by Madlib and Oh No (rapper) (Madlib’s younger brother). Other confirmed tracks on the album are "Auditorium" Featuring Slick Rick, Produced by Madlib, "Super Magic" Produced by Oh No and "Twilight Speedball" Produced By Chad Hugo & Mos Def. Aside from collaborations with Slick Rick and Black Thought, the new album is slated to feature guest appearances from Jay Electronica[2], as well as production by Mr. Flash and the late J. Dilla [3]. The first single off the album is 'Life In Marvelous Times', the second single is 'Quiet Dog', and the third single is 'Casa Bey'. The song 'Casa Bey' was recently made into an official music video that was released via Mos Def's Myspace page.

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