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Where to get my news?

Did you ever think the newspaper would be an obsolete joke like the 8-track? As I aspire to be a journalist it’s disconcerting to watch as newspapers continue to fold, and magazines get slimmer. Let’s not blame the recession, but compare these mediums to be just another 8-track-- a thing of the past. The million dollar question, quite literally, what will fill the void?

I wouldn’t call myself computer savvy, but competent. I understand basic computer language though I can’t write programs, but if this is any indication—I do know shortcuts on the keyboard, yes I know that sets me apart.

I’ll keep this brief, because I’ve said this before, this blog will not become my internal monologue on display—that’s just cruel to the readers. As I’ve mulled over the possible replacements for future journalism I’ve considered these groups: social network sites (Facebook, Myspace, etc.), personal blogs (SFCritic), online media sites (Pitchforkmedia.com), media aggregators (Hypemachine, Mog) and news conglomerations (BBC, Fox, etc.).

I’d say social network sites are too expansive, needing to be ciphered and filtered. The same criticism is applicable to personal blogs, but I don’t even know how people choose a blog anyhow. Online media sites seem like niche magazines, they’re overly bias or subjectively focused on certain genres or topics. I’m intrigued by media aggregates like Hypemachine, Digg, or Mog, which rank articles based on popularity—who doesn’t want to be the cool kid? Finally conglomerations—well they’re the one’s struggling so they’re not the answer.

So as the SFCritic, the computer savy broke journalist that I am, let me help those needing assistance in finding music beyond me. Take a look at these websites:


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