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A&R: The Music Submissions

The Mean Jeans - Are You Serious?

The Mean Jeans are a Portland punk band. They are comprised of three semi-anonymous hard partying dudes who sound an awful lot like the Ramones. It's hard, though not unexpected, to imitate the sound of the band that birthed the genre. Where the Ramones sang about women and love sometimes, The Mean Jeans seem only to love drinking and putting drugs up their noses. Though the lyrics are spewing tales of self-destructive behavior, the songs are really catchy. They aren't taking this music thing too seriously, and they have the chops to make it legit. The band apparently came together after a move West from DC and is made up of super-skilled musicians. There is something a bit more intricate about the combination of hyper guitar riffs, super-strength bass lines and and plaintive vocals that works with and without moshing. Probably helpful, too, if they're going to be performing smashed.

Sounds Like: The Ramones, obviously.
Listen To: Stoned 2 the Bone, Steve Don't Party No More

Ada Fijal featuring Louie Austen - Take Your Time

There are a variety of things that can catch your attention in an inbox full of random music of varying quality. Sometimes it's clear and apparent talent, sometimes a catchy hook, and sometimes unquestionable suckiness. "Take Your Time" a new single from Polish singer and television actress Ada Fijal (aka Madam Retro) is attractive for a somehow worthwile combination of the three. The song, which is the first duet between Fijal and Louie Austen, is ridiculous upon first listen. Laugh out loud ridiculous. "You're hot like Pamela Anderson"? It doesn't even rhyme. It doesn't even try! But given a second it's kind of, dare I say it, catchy and fun. It's possible to get into if you're not offended by obviously Eastern Euro-club trash and if you've ever been seduced by Kylie Minogue b-sides.
Check it out (plus remixes omg!) here.

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