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Blakroc: Web Episode #9

Sure I'm looking forward to turkey and stuffing (mmmh), but I can't stop thinking about Blakroc, as Black Thursday nears! I've said this so many time it's become a repeated line, but honestly--I thought after the last web episode I was done hyping this CD, until this web episode of Pharoah Monch. Pharoah Monch is one of the few hip hop emcees to master word play. "Word play?" you ask, references lines like "Fuck the white keys / The Black Keys are the only ones got soul." Now you know. Lookout, Pharoah Monch is a beast on this track.

On a side note. When I first got into this business, I tried working with Pharoah Monch's agent. Dude, is Ari Gold's apprentice. Made fun of me for calling on my cellphone which was listed under my mother's account (family plan, you know it!). Just random, but hey, stay away from that guy, he's a real ass.

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