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Featured Label: Ghostly International

Ghostly International is a label that prides itself on the juxtaposition of music and art branding. Created by Sam Valenti IV when he was 19 yrs old, the label was realized through Valenti's experience as a DJ, interest in live performances, and art history background. With the incorporation of art, and expression, the label encouraged exploration. In the beginning, Tadd Mullinix, best known as Dabrye, comprised 50% of the label's roster under several different alias. The freedom of the label enabled Tadd Mullinix to genre-bend under different titles similarly to artists like Prefuse 73 (aka Piano Overlord, Scott Heron, The Books, etc). As the label's musical popularity grew, so did the support for the visual artists for an assortment of mediums (photography, steel design, etc). Today, Ghostly International is home of several talented musicians like Mux Mool, New Villager, Deastro (whom I reviewed earlier this year), Michna (Featured Here), and Matthew Dear; as well as, artists like Doug Lee, Freegums, and Mike Doyle.

Recently, Ghostly International assembled a two disc compilation album entitled, Nocturnal Suite. For those unfamiliar with the label, and its style, it gives a great sample of the artists. On the label's website, you can hear short clips of each of the songs (click here). For everyone else, below are some images and samples of music from the labels artists.

Lusine: "Two Dots"

Mobius Sounds: "The Loving Sounds of Static"

Deastro: "Parallelogram"

Sougwen Chung, Album cover for Various Artists Spectral Remixed

Mike Doyle, Album Cover for Solvent's Radio Ga Ga Pt. 1

Deanne Cheuk, Album Cover for Dykehouse Midrange

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