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Sytanks' New Video "Twentytwohundred"

This is Syntaks' new video, "Twentytwohundred," from their album Ylajali. The Danish duo, signed to Ghostly International, have created a video which parallels visuals with audios in a dreamlike sequence that is meditative. After receiving this video in my inbox, it felt perfect to show as a follow up to my latest post featuring the label Ghostly International.

In a past post called, "Ideas in Practice", I wrote about the importance of imagery in conveying emotions. As I mentioned yesterday, Ghostly International pride themselves on this juxtaposition of music and art. Syntaks' song is abstract. The song structure is loosely based on a traditional format, and its sounds can be understood through faux-reality imagery of the video.

This isn't necessarily my favorite song, but consider it as an example of styles, and concepts.

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