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Upcoming Concerts 5/19-5/26

Frightened Rabbits @ The Fillmore, May 19th, 9pm ($22.50) The Scottish band is signed to Fat Cat Records, and their bio reads "They record in bedrooms, cupboards and kitchens. Anyone can be in Frightened Rabbit. They have played some live shows in this city, but want to meet people from other cities, in order that they can come and blow into tubes when they play live. Lets keep pop music alive by getting it out of that dress and into a sweater." Now why would anyone want to scare them?

Man/Miracle @ Milk Bar, May 20th, 10pm ($5) The SFCritic and Betterpropaganda posse will be heading to Milk Bar Thursday to support our buddies at Terrorbird Media. Don't know Terrorbird, they're just one of the baddest Bay Area music labels--no sweat, now you do.

Broken Bells @ Regency Ballroom, May 21st, 8pm ($37) The super duo of Danger Mouse and James Mercer (The Shins) are not playing around--they're taking shit over. Unfortunately, the Regency Ballroom is a shitty venue, but well worth seeing one of the most talked about, praised, and exciting bands of 2010. Did I mention The Morning Benders are opening? Damn.

Horse Feathers @ The Bottom of The Hill, May 23rd, 9pm ($12) The indie-folk band sound like an old dusty record your grandfather listened to and forgot about, and not in the prehistoric way that cottage cheese becomes blue cheese and is still "delicious" to some people. That makes sense, think about it.

Plants and Animals @ The Independent, May 25th, 8:30pm ($12/$14) It’s not easy to label the kind of music Plants and Animals make, but it’s easy for it to feel instantly familiar. Maybe that’s because they record to tape, and their records sound like they could have been made in 1972. But for all their analog warmth, it’s also impossible to deny how raw and recent the songs sound, and harder still to find anything else that sounds quite the same.

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