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Broken Social Scene at The Fillmore

By Big Vic Smith

I did not know what to expect from the Broken Social Scene. Friends have raved about them, but I had never picked them up. I had a vague memory of shooting them at Coachella years ago with no impression.

There was no photo pit and the room was packed out. I consoled my flask of Jameson, and when it was near empty I manned my way to the front. Don't know that I've ever met a more encouraging crowd. Smiles, back pats and information on the band given and given again. These fans were enthusiasts. I made it tight to the front right. I promised the girls I would only be there for the first three songs, as are the rules, but they wanted me to stay so I stayed an extra song (secretly to my delight) since this was these folks FAVORITE band I was not gonna stay in the way. The girl told me she would hold the spot if I wanted to come back. Pretty sweet/drunk stranger; who does that really?

Every song was another step down this dynamo path of super group genre mesh and my hard to please self, who planned on leaving after the first three tunes, was stuck. Alone, I asked the fella next to me what a name of a song was, he responded with a goofy grin "I dunno but it was a damn good song." I knew I wasn't alone in this. The whole of the crowd, captivated. The transcending vibe couldn't be denied.

Tune after tune this band was hitting my spots. From the very back I took a grand observation of the situation at hand. I had just seen Thom Yorke's "Atoms for Peace" at the Fox and hadn't seen anything as moving and unifying in eons and now here's this band tapping into the same kind of consciousness. The stuff everybody there feels. It might not sound great when you read this coin-age but I'm calling it Jazzy Jam Indie Pop Rock. Tonight’s seven players were dynamic. They didn't sound anywhere close to a mess. There was a bit of a hippie vibe, but the good kind that softens the edges.

Kevin Drew, the main man lead singer, carried on with some banter and picked a guy, Alex Webber, out of the crowd to sing a song. A lucky tall blond dude was he and ever proud to be up there. Later Mr. Drew told a birthday girl of 21 to "Come up to Canada sometime and have a drink with a nineteen year old." Hardy har har you can drink in Canada at 19.

Then he boasted, "We are your rock new wave band.” Whatever you want to call it, see this band live. They are good for our generation’s music karma and I'm pretty disappointed with myself for being in the dark this whole time.

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