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Upcoming Concerts 5/12-5/19

Fuck Bottoms @ The Great American Music Hall, May 12th, 9pm ($16) Their new album, Tarot Sport has unbound possibility and lucid cohesion; a cerebral pilgrimage that refines, crafts, explores and develops the experimental aesthetic of last year's critically acclaimed debut, Street Horrrsing.

Tempo No Tempo @ Milk Bar, May 13th, 9pm ($5) Our buddies at Epicsauce will be hosting their weekly Thursday show at Milk Bar, which will this week feature the Bay Area’s Tempo No Tempo. The group released their debut LP Waking Heat last fall. Recently scaling down to three members, the band re-invented their sound and approach stripping away the more predictable pop elements of their past EPs, which received considerable praise by the likes of Pitchfork and IHEARTCOMIX.

Starfucker @ Rickshaw, May 14th, 8pm ($10) Starfucker is back to being called Starfucker, after being called Pyramidd for a while. This Portland combo is a little psychedelic, a little punk disco, and a lot of charming. Short, sweet, and as unapologetically campy as their first [release], Jupiter finds the group continuing its mission to make indie boys and girls dance unabashedly to synthesized beats.

Ben Folds and Kate Miller Heidke @ The Warfield, May 16th, 8pm ($32.25) Ben Folds should, and is a house hold name at this point. Known for his stage antics and killer piano skills, the man has been a fixture in music for the last decade. Recently, SFCritic saw Kate Miller Heidke, the Australian pop (operatically trained) singer perform at SXSW. If she doesn't impress you with her voice, she'll definitely take the piss out of you with her humor.

Shout Out Louds/Freelance Whales @ The Great American Music Hall, May 18th, 8pm ($17) The pop-punk, indie rock group from Stockholm comes to San Francisco. After each band member took a break from the group to journey their separate ways, they have now returned to complete their third album which was recently released. Meanwhile, Freelance Whales are one of those buzzed about bands at this years SXSW, and are also worthy of a listen.

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