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KIN's "Secret" Yeasayer Show in San Francisco

Photos by Patrick Kelly

On Saturday night big brother Microsoft reached out to San Francisco hipsters with a free "secret" Yeasayer's show. Supporting the company's new phone "KIN," several shows were scheduled in San Francisco and New York. Though "KIN" is obviously not "kin," the event's hospitality (free drinks + lots of loving) would lead you to think otherwise.

As Microsoft attempts to saddle up with PBR branding, plaid "vintage" shirts, and everything "generation awesome" (that's us), the actual practicality of the phone is unclear. It allows you to take photos, and tweet them easily--can't you do that already? The phone's "About Us"eerily reads, "We saw how you talk, tweet, and post in real life," so they clearly are stalking us, "Then we designed KIN to communicate as naturally as you." The truth is I talk awkwardly, which is why I write. If things go to plan KIN will replace your siblings, and be a better listener too. Here at SFCritic, we might be receiving some promotional examples, and will happily let you know if the phone does indeed allow you to communicate better than your Aunt Sally.

Over 2,000 people Facebook RSVP for what was about 300 spots (which, after press was really like 250). We're not brushing the dirt off our shoulders, just forewarning you if you intend on hitting up one of these events in the future. On the day of the show the location and time was announced. Eager fans waited in a line (6pm Facebook messages started going up "I'm in line!") prior to doors opening to the public (8pm).

Yeasayer greeted an ecstatic crowd, some already dancing. Like their new single "Ampling Alps," sounds of indie-psych-rock rang through the night. Fans were definitely passionate, but the band seemed a lure--as an equal distribution of fans lined up for free drinks, while other danced, creating a cycle of drink line, drink, dance that repeated until one's vouchers were exhausted.

This was the first of series of events or so I'm told. Expect others, and expect that we'll keep you in the loop. Personally, I love corporate sponsored events, even if I have to be inundated with consumerism--because hey, if they support my cause (seeing good music) at least we're both winning.

Random Note: Patrick Kelly, one of our photographers at SFCritic, noted that the Longshoreman's Hall used to be a site for The Electric Kool-Aid Acid-Test during the 60s, led by Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters. We thought it was cool connection, and asked the hosts if there was any relevance, but the site was actually chosen for its mere randomness. Too bad, we like our story line better.

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