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Lists: Top 5 Actors Turned Singers

There are several actors that have tried singing careers, successfully receiving laughs and boos, but this list consists of top five actors turned singers.

5. Jason Schwartzman with Coconut Records
Schwartzman is known for his roles in Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited and my favorite, I <3 Huckabees. While many of Coconut Record's songs can fit tightly in the same box, some of the songs like "It's Not You It's Me," are infectiously indie catchy.

4. Zooey Deschanel with She & Him
When Zooey Deschanel got together with indie folksinger M Ward, they created an infectiously country and bubbly album called Volume One. "Why Don't You Let Me Stay Here," was a repeated single on NPR after it's release, and Deschanel enchantingly unique voice is definitely a reason why.

3. Jason Schwartzmen with Phantom Planet
It seems unfair to have the same actor twice, but with two different bands; however, to omit Phantom Planets ubiquitous hit, "California," would be a sin. Granted, Schwartzmen is the drummer, not the singer as is in the case with Coconut Records.

2. Kylie Monigue
Kylie Monigue began her pop career as a child actor on Neighbors (1986), as Charlene. Her success came from her dazzling pop dance numbers like "Can't Get You Out of My Head."

1. Jack Black with Tenacious D
The affable, ridiculous Jack Black, makes equally ridiculous and enjoyable music with the band Tenacious D. Reaching all types of audience for its pure fun, Tenacious D tops the chart.

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