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No More Starfucker, Name Change Imminent

By Eve Marcellus

"We know our name sucks...so here is YOUR chance to help us pick a new one...And the truth is, we never thought we'd make it this far with Starfucker. It started as just a fun little house-show project, but now that we have the opportunity to do this full-time, travel and continue making music, we don't feel like the name makes sense anymore..." - Starfucker

Starfucker, the fun four-piece electro-pop band out of Portland, is changing it's name. My personal response was far from surprise: I've always thought "you can't get famous with a name like that." Apparently, they feel the same way. The band put out a Myspace bulletin on September 8th announcing it's intention to change their name and inviting their fans to get in on the action. If your name is selected, you will get tons of cool shit... tons! Deadline for ideas is October 1st-ish.

So, at least they're honest. The name doesn't actually suck but rather unfairly limits them. Things for the band have shaping up in recent months and haven't showed any signs of slowing down. They're on a national headlining tour and have licensed their songs to Target, IBM, and Weeds. Pretty serious stuff. Since the music is not nearly as potty-mouthed as their name would suggest, a new identity, at least in name, will more than likely open even more doors. We have seen other major artists switch it up with little-to-no fanfair (ehem, Santigold) so while the comments on their Myspace and Facebook accounts would suggest otherwise, this probably won't rock the boat too much. This is good news, especially if you have a long list of great potential band names but no band. And who doesn't?

Bay Area folks can catch them live (do it, it's ridiculously fun) on October 7th at Bottom of the Hill. Make sure to pick up some vinyl or other merch if you go, it might be worth something some day.

Check back soon, as SFCritic interviews Starfucker about their name, and what's next.

To be involved with their name change:

*Email your ideas to:
*tell in person at the merch table at a show

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